All buffalo meat order pricing includes shipping costs.

Shipping questions are common when it comes to shipping buffalo meat and bison meat. We know how important it is for our customers to receive their buffalo orders not only on time, but tasting great.

Liechty Buffalo Ranch ships out all of our orders via Fed-Ex on Mondays and Tuesdays. We do this because we want to guarantee all of our customers that they will have their order before the weekend. Most of our items are received within 48 hours but we don’t take any chances. This is why we do not ship on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. We use refrigerant packs in a sturdy, insulated box that prevents thawing and unwanted warming. All of our buffalo products are shipped frozen except for our canned buffalo meat and buffalo jerky. Jerky and canned meat will be ground shipped and not in insulated boxes. We double-wrap our meat packages for longer shelf life for our customers.

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Because of the nature of our buffalo product lines, we only ship within the continental United States at this time. We are not able to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, or other continents… or P.O. Boxes.

Before we send out any order of buffalo meat, it is always double and triple checked. Whether you are having a large family barbeque or simply want to stock up on buffalo meat for the winter, we make sure that you receive exactly what you ordered.

We have a good working relationship with our shipping carriers. We want to make sure that your orders are shipped quickly and carefully. Please

e-mail us if you need your tracking number and it will be e-mailed to you the same day.

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